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About Us

Our parent company JARM Amusements Group specialises in providing, entertainment, catering and mobile bars for corporate events and private parties throughout the UK. In addition to their own services they quite often contract in outside specialists for particular jobs. After noticing a regular requirement for photography services they funded the acquisition of specialised photography equipment and the training of staff members to set up their own photography department to support their existing product line.

Themed Photos

Because the company quite often provides themed entertainment and services it was felt that there was an opening for offering a theming service to complement the standard photography. After looking at acquiring various backdrops to facilitate this, it was suggested that we looked into chroma key, or ‘Green Screen’ photography.

Basically using this method of production (which is pretty similar to what special effects people in Hollywood use) we can take an image of someone, add it to various backdrops and provide 3 or 4 images from a single shot. These are then uploaded to our web server and your guests can download them to their hearts content.

Custom Booths

For corporate clients we can design and install one of our photo booth systems into virtually any vehicle to create a fully custom themed system for you.